Founder Profile

Swamiji. Sri. VASUDEVAN, Founder-chairman of the Universal Shirdi SaiBaba Charitable Trust.The headquarters is located in Namakkal,TamilNadu,India. Swamiji was born in 2nd March 1974,in Namakkal Tamilnadu,in a Lord siva Saiva family.His father,sachidanandam passed away in the year 1982. at the time Swamiji. Sri. Vasudevan is a small boy. He was studied in Third std. His Mother Thirumathi S.Chandra. Retired Employee from TamilNadu state govt. Swamiji. Sri. Vasudevan from respect middle class spiritual family.have two brothers. Swamiji. Sri. Vasudevan is a second son in the family.

Swamiji completed his BE Automobile Engineering from Institute of Road and Transport Technology, Erode, Tamil Nadu in the year 1995. Later he joined the Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu for the MBA program in Marketing in the year 2009. During his days in IRTT Engineering College, he became interested in the research, worship and studied in the Siddar's history. Swamiji. Sri. Vasudevan first times great saints blessings from "Sri Puravipalayam Kodi Thatha swamigal" near Pollachi,in the year 1992.

He travelled, blessings from the great saints are Sri Mayamma from Salem, Sri la Sri kasavanampatti MounaGuru Jothi Nirvana Swamigal, near Dindugal, Subbaiya swamigal(guru of Ramana magarishi)dindugal. Sinzuvadi Gopala Swamigal, near Pollachi, Pollachi Ragavan swamigal, Nerur Sathguru Sadhasiva Biramendral Swamigal, near Karur. Sri Ragavendra Swamigal, Mantralayam, Kanchipuram Sri Kanchi Periyava dharshan and blessings from Namakkal visit in 1978, Sri Suttgoal Mayandi Swamigal, Madurai, Sri La Sri Kulanthai Anandha Swamigal, Madurai, Sri Maha Avathat Babaji, Parankipet, Sri Ramalinga Vallalar Swamigal, Vadalur, Sri Bodendral Swami, Govindapuram, Sri Satchidananda Avathutha Nirvana Swamigal, Sendamangalam, near Namakkal. Sri La Sri Muthu Kamatchi Swamigal, Thiru Malaikeni, near Dindugal. Tiruvannamalai Seshatri Swamigal, Ramana Magrishi.Yogi Ram Surathkumar. He devoted himself of intensive research into the lives and teachings of several saints,travelling extensively and personally contacting many of them. more saints blessings to swamiji.

In january 2000, Swamiji to darshan first time sathguru in " PALANI KANAKANPATI SRI SATHGURU SWAMIGAL " is a sathguru of Swamiji. Sri. Vasudevan, many more times dharshans and blessings from Kanakanpatti Sathguru Swamigal. Kankanpatti Sathguru Swamigal Jeeva samathi in the year march 11th 2014. Kanakanpati Sathguru Swamigal within his heart as his Enlighten Sathguru(GNANA GURU) Kanakanpati Swamigal is instruction, vasu you can follow to SHIRDI SAIBABA(KAARIYA GURU). You can do the charitable services to poor and downtrodeen people. The above mention Siddhar's swamigal was guided spiritual practising,blessings to Swamiji. Sri. Vasudevan. Swamiji. Sri. Vasudevan says,"SHIRDI SAIBABA and KANAKANPATI SATHGURU SWAMIGAL" are TWO EYES IN MY LIFE. he was joined Agsar paints pvt Ltd,Bangalore as a Sales Engineer.his work took him to many cities and corporate companies. He was a worked in Aaero Mechanical Seals Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore as a Regional Manager(Marketing). In 2008, Swamiji was married life entered Girakastha Ashram Life. wife is V.Saritha. she completed her,She is doing Icwa course. She has been involved Shirdi Sai Services in the trustee of Universal Sai Trust. Have one daughter S.V.Thivyaa, 6 years old. She is also involved shirdi sai services, like Sai Nama sankirthan,prasadham distribution....etc.

Swamiji. Sri. Vasudevan is involving 25 years in the spiritual service life. He spend several years there studying and searching Sathguru Darshan in Forest, Hills and other places. Finally, Swamiji. Sri. Vasudevan is identified and Surrendered to Sathguru Shirdi SaiBaba Paadam. Swamiji decided to start by taking message of Shirdi SaiBaba to World. In7th february 2011, Swamiji. Sri. Vasudevan established the Universal Shirdi SaiBaba Charitabe Trust (Universal Sai Trust) His aim to use the Universal Sai Trust to promote Shirdi Sai Consciousness, Sai Bhakthi Yoga, Sai Philoshpy, Shirdi Sai message throughout the world. Swamiji willbe planned one magnificent SHIRID SAI TEMPLE in India. Very soon Swamiji willbe started organizing efforts to raise funds for the construction of the magnificent Shirdi Sai Temple in india.

Swamiji Vision's : To the goal of the "free food distribution Programme" (Annadhana seva) project is to liberallly distrbute meals throughout in India, as inspired by Bhagavan Sri Shirdi SaiBaba instruction.

To teach and encourage the SAI NAMA SANKIRTANA MOVEMENT throughout in world.

To promote and Propogate Shirdi Sai sayings relating to LOVE,AHIMSA,BROTHER-HOOD ETC...