Sai Seva's

Free Food Distribution Programme

First Namakkal Universal Shirdi Saibaba Charitable Trust warmly welcome for Saibaba Devotees, Spiritual Peoples. All people know, in South “Universal Shirdi Saibaba Charitable Trust” has become best Tamil Nadu Shirdi Sai committee.

From the last 5 years with the blessing of bhagavan Shirdi Sai Baba the Trust can do Spiritual work and fully deserve the social service from Namakkal city. From more 1) Free Food distribution 2) Sai Education Service 3) Sai Medical Service and etc all services are doing under “Universal Shirdi Saibaba Charitable Trust” Director Sri Vasudevan instruction the Sai services have been expended to almost Tamil Nadu. Currently we help Low Class People, Retarded destitute, deaf, dumb for that matru thiranaligal people we have started “Sai Delicious rice food Service” in “Anbalaya” Retarded Destitute at Namakkal.

Next plan is to extend the “Sai Delicious Rice Food Service” has been extended in Full Tamil Nadu.