Sai Annadhana Seva (SAS)

Sathguru shirdi Sai Baba said the important ‘UPADESAM’ to provide food for poor people and human being. so for Universal Shirdi SaiBaba Charitable Trust has been initiated, we are conducting “SHIRDI SAI POURNAMI ANNADHANA SEVA” is held on every pournami (fullmoon) evening 6.00pm to 08.00pm at Namakkal Temple. The Trust has been performing the noble services of more than 500 persons every month pournami. This seva is to make all the people participate in the noble service.

  Sai Vidhya Dhana Seva (SVS)

Universal Sai Trust to service the society with several social activities like providing educaional assistance to poor and who need students in Rural areas, support the students eagerness in study those who are financially unsound. Trust is helping in sponsoring school fees, Books,Cloths,Tution fess and all other repuirements. The trust is focusing on educational support in Rural areas. In addition to this several educational campus are being conducted to enable the rural people focus more on education.

  Sai Medical Seva (SMS)

Universal Sai Trust the society with several social activities like providing medical relief assistance to poor and who need people in Rural areas. Every year more than 500 people from the Rural Areas are being benefited through the free medical camps conducting by Trust. These Medical camps offer free check-up consultation, free medicine, free surgeries to the downtrodden poor people. (i) Eye screening of general health check-up camps to the poor and disable people in Rural areas.